Dear Class Members:


The members of the Alcorn State University class of 1972 that were present during the 2015 Alcorn State University National Alumni Association (ASUNAA) Mid-Winter Conference meet to discuss our 50th year anniversary, which will be in 2022.  At this time, we will receive our Golden Diploma during commencement in May 2022.




  • the establishment of an endowment for the ASU Class of ’72
  • the amount needed to establish an endowment is $10,000.00
  • working toward donating $500,000 to ASU by the 1972 class’ golden diploma year which will be 2022
  • Establishment of the endowment by October 15, 2016 Homecoming, A prompt reply by October 10, 2016 will be greatly appreciated.
  • Currently, the class has $5,350.00, we had a $1,000 pledge, and with that pledge our total is $6,350.00 and so we need to raise an additional $3,650.00 to establish $10,000.00 endowment.
  • Contacting at least five other class members and asking them to donate.  Can ask for any amount they would be willing to give (hopefully from $250.00 up to $1,000.00 and this would be counted as part of the $2,500.00
  • can be done by getting 200 members from the class to commit to contributing $2,500.00 by 2022


THANK YOU!!!  I am pleased and excited to inform you that thanks to all our efforts, the Endowment for the ASU Class of 1972 has been established.  Because of your contributions, we were able to present the University with $10,300.00 to start the endowment. This is a great beginning and now the work begins. For complete details, click below.

Alcorn State University Class of 1972


P. O. Box 5815

Birmingham, AL 35207

Chair, Neddie Winters (601) 665-5900, Email


Secretary, Maxine Simpson (601) 954-2714, Email


Treasure, Alvin Moore (205) 222-1044, Email